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The can help you lease or finance a truck, trailer, or heavy equipment loan. Our services are the most well priced, quick and transparent services in the market. Our processes are extremely simple and easy to understand, hence the customer is always well informed of the proceedings. We understand our client requirements and provide them with a solution that is the best bet.

Our only emphasis on customer satisfaction. The process of truck leasing or financing or getting a Truck Loan in Canada for the first time can be very confusing. One mistake or disclosure of wrong or incorrect information can lead to rejection of loan and even a legal proceeding in some case.

If you want to be your own boss, this is the right way. Get in touch with us today. We don’t charge for any advice and we will provide free Loan quotes.

We provide truck loan and leasing service across Canada.


Here at we provide services to make your Truck Loan or Truck Leasing experience quick and pleasant. We understand truck owners or truck operators or trucking companies do not have the bandwidth to manage the whole process of truck financing or leasing by themselves. Getting a truck loan approved in Toronto can be a stupendous task and this is where we come in handy.

You may be planning to finance, loan or lease any of the following truck trailer or heavy equipment. We have a solution for you.

  • Heavy Trucks
  • trailer truck
  • dump truck
  • truck trailers
  • beverage truck
  • bucket truck
  • expedite truck
  • grain trucks
  • Garbage truck
  • highway tractor
  • logging truck
  • Concrete Mixer Truck
  • sander truck
  • straight truck
  • tow truck
  • Refrigerated truck

We provide Truck Loan, Truck Finance and Truck Leasing services for all major makes and models of trucks, trailers and heavy equipment.

Customised solutions with a strategy to make things work for you.  Our experienced consultants can help you recover and work around the problems you are facing with financing e.g. bad credit, insufficient funds, post-bankruptcy, no credit history and late payments etc. Our team will assist you through the entire process and our expert will help you find a solution to every problem.


Kenworth, Mack, Western Star, Volvo, Freightliner, Peterbilt

toronto truck finance


Be your own boss, get your own truck.

We provide a complete truck lease and truck financing services in Canada for all makes and models of trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. We can help you own your own truck or trailer and make your dreams come true. Why wait when you can live your dream now.

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We serve all major cities and locations across Canada like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Brampton, Van Couver, Calgary, Edmonton and more. Our online operations help us serve the clients in every corner of Canada and help provide them transparent loan services.



If you have any doubt or query regarding a truck loan in Canada, lease or financing. Please feel free to write to us. We will answer all your queries, clear all your doubt and also provide a free quote for your truck finance. 

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100% satisfaction

We ensure that all our truck loan customers get the best truck financing services. Right from the beginning to the end of process we guarantee complete satisfaction.

Quality service

Our services are process driven and we follow a strict procedure. We value our customers and we value their dreams, hence we strive hard to maintain a level of quality.

Loan approval rate

We all know there are two sides to a coin. There are chances that your truck loan may not get through. But we have the highest approval rates.


Truck loan and truck financing can be a long process at times. We provide complete support throughout the process to ensure you have a safe sail through.

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Trucks, trailers and heavy equipments are the backbone of many flourishing industries in Canada. Delay in expanding fleet or machinery inventory can cost a business huge loss. Our company works on top priority with business clients for get loan approvals quick and within time schedule.

  • Construction
  • Medical Equipment
  • Oil Field Service
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Medical Equipment
  • Oil Field Service
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Recovery Vehicles
  • Forestry

Truck finance services for trucking enthusiasts across Canada. We help hundreds of budding truckers every year drive their own truck. Truck finance for new business, finance for heavy equipment and that too instantly. Truck finance for new or used trucks.

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Getting a truck loan might not be as easy as you think but with our team behind your paper work it will be a smooth sail through.

What kind of truck can you get financed?

It depends on what kind of business you are running or what kind of business or work you plan to get into. There are a wide variety of trucks available in Canadian market like flat bed, semi-trucks, box trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, long-haul trucks etc.
The price also varies accordingly. Depending on the financials of your business or your credit score you can plan to buy a certain truck. We can help you find our which is the best option you can target.

How can you apply for a truck loan?

The trucking industry has a high failure rate when it comes to trucking companies. The banks and other financial institutes know it too, hence they follow strict loan procedures. To reduce their risk level to as minimum as possible banks and financers have a long list of requirements and documentation. Here we come in handy. Just get in touch with our team and they will guide you through the process like a breeze.

Finding a lender?

There are other truck financing options available in the market other than banks and financial institutes. Trucking is a lucrative business and people make huge amount of money in trucking in Canada. And these lenders and financers know it. We can get you a good lender at very nominal rates and you can set sail for your dreams to take off.


Getting a Truck Loan with bad credit score?

Credit score matters everywhere. Bad credit truck loans have a high rate of rejection. Our team will analyse your credit score history and align your loan proposal with a suitable financer or lender. There are lenders in the market who offer bad credit truck loans or high risk loans to budding entrepreneurs at very nominal interest rates. We specialise in finding a lender suitable for your specific credit score and financial history.

Precautions you can take to help your loan
  • Know your exact credit scenario
  • Work to improve your credit score
  • Target realistic truck price tag for loan
  • Save for down payments
  • Arrange for cosigner
  • Go for pre-approved truc k loan
  • Choose lender carefully
  • Avoid multiple loan application

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A credit score which can get you a truck loan easily can vary due to factors like;

  • Your age
  • Your income
  • The amount you plan to loan and a few more.

Your credit score may be anywhere between a terrible 250 to a super good 850+ but generally, it is considered that an average 625+ is a good enough score to get some reasonable lenders on-board for your truck financing.

Getting a loan approved for a truck business or a personal truck in Canada is pretty simple but it is not the same for people with bad credit history or for that sake with no credit history. To get any loan in Canada you need some credit history and that too on the positive side.

There are a few things you can ensure before you apply for a truck loan to avoid any chances of rejection. These are the basic requirements which need to be met even before you think about credit score or down-payments for your truck loan.

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Above 18
  • Resident of Canada
  • Monthly income proof (anything above CAD1500 is good)

There are many options to get a truck loan, truck finance or heavy equipment loan in Canada. The options include banks, financial institutes and private lenders. The rates vary according to the risk factor attached to a loan and the kind of lender. Usually, banks provide the cheapest rates for a truck loan but they are also very particular with the documentation and hence hard to get approved. The private lenders tend to be a bit on the higher side but they approve high-risk loans and bad credit loans as well.

Yes, you can. A bad credit score is not the end of the world. There are options to get around it;

  • Improve score, there are ways to do it.
  • Arrange for a higher down payment.
  • Income proofs
  • Private Lenders
  • Higher interest rate loans
  • Co-signer

Interest rates are highly variable and they depend on many dynamic factors. It would be best if we know your present scenario in order to give you any such idea, please Contact Us. Or you can simply use our online truck loan calculator to explore all options.

It may take months under normal circumstances but with working for you, it’s a matter of days. Contact Us

Yes, you do. It does not matter if it is your first or 10th What matters is if you meet the minimum requirements as mentioned above in Question 2 and a good credit score with some minimum monthly income would be a huge plus.

Could not find an answer to your query? Do you have some more queries? We will be happy to answer.

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