Future of trucking industry in Canada after the COVID aftermath |
trucking industry in Canada after covid

COVID brought tough times to almost every industry in the world.

The trucking industry was no exception. The trucking companies also suffered losses, like many others. But the good thing about trucking is it does not shutdown. No matter what the scenario is there is always going to be a need for trucks, truckers and trucking.

Canada is mostly dependent on its neighbours for most of its supplies like food, labour and even selling goods. Which involves the movement of lots of goods. There is an enormous volume of goods being moved in and out of Canada.


66.5 Million shipments to be precise.

All these shipments are taken care of by the huge trucking fleets of Canada which are run by approximately 300,000 truck drivers. Trucking combined with other logistic sectors employs about 3.6% of the manpower in Canada.


The trucking industry in Canada is a $40 Billion industry.


COVID may have slowed down it for some time but it is bound to bounce back. Trucking is the backbone of logistics in Canada and it helps keep the country stocked up. It is a basic need that works in the background stacking up supplies in our grocery stores, fuel station, clothes and many more things.

With the population of the country growing at a steady pace in the last few years due to in-migration the demand is definitely going to increase and to match up the supply we sure are going to need more trucks.

Hence the demand for more trucks, the truck driver is going to increase in future at a very steady pace.

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